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Content mounting is important in Obsidian if you wish to use Episode 1 or Episode 2 content.

Note: If you don't need Episode 1 or Episode 2 content simply don't mount it since it makes the load time longer.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

Appending ep1_ / ep2_

You can append ep1_ or ep2_ to the start of your maps bsp name, best to do this by saving from hammer and compiling with that name. Ex. ep1_mymap.bsp or ep2_mymap.bsp.

Adding a new key to your maps modify Script

In your maps modify script:

	"MountEpisodeOne"	"1"
	"MountEpisodeTwo"	"1"

You can choose which content to mount, only choose to use one option, not both.

You can also use mymap_mounts.txt instead of mymap_modify.txt for that since you need to make a .res file and send that to the client in order to get the mounting working. (This option was made for those who don't want to let other people see your Script)

In fact, we suggest you to use the mymap_mounts.txt way since it has proven to work flawless, while using the modify script often doesn't mount content on the clients. Something we have to investigate further.


By mounting episode 2, it automatically mounts episode 1.