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In Obsidian Conflict, each player has various options for customization along all facets of the game. Whether you like a purple HUD, a Yoda player model, green trip mine, orange laser sight, or a pink flashlight, Obsidian Conflict has got you covered.

HUD Customization

Obsidian Conflict allows you to change the color of your HUD, or Heads Up Display. You can do this by accessing "Mod Options" from the main menu and selecting the "Hud" tab. You can then adjust the sliders which represent the red, green, and blue values for each element of the HUD. The results will be shown in an example box, allowing you to get exactly the display you are looking for.

Custom Flashlight Color

You can also change the color of the light that is emitted by your flashlight. You can access the color sliders by clicking on "Mod Options" from the main menu and selecting the "Custom Color" tab. Once again, you can adjust the red, green, and blue sliders and view the result in the example box to get the desired effect.

Other players' flashlight colors will show on your screen and vice versa. If you experience a slowdown or fps drop when other players turn on their flashlights, you can disable all flashlight beams except your own. Do this by accessing "Mod Options" from the main menu, selecting the "Performance" tab, then unchecking the box that reads "Show flashlight beams from other players".

Custom Weapon Effects

By checking the "Use Custom Colors" flag box under the "Custom Color" tab in the Mod Options menu, any weapon with a special light effect will show in the color you have chosen. Grenade lights/trails, S.L.A.M. lasers, and sniper rifle laser beams are some of the effects that will show in your custom color.

Custom Player Models

Custom player models are fully supported by Obsidian Conflict. However, due to various reasons Obsidian Conflict does not supply them for you by default. See below for links to community made player model packs.

Your custom playermodel can only be seen by other players if that play also has the model downloaded into their own game. If you run a server, you can add your model to the automatic download from the server, so that anyone who joins it will see the model. If they don't have the model downloaded, they will merely see you as a default playermodel "male_01" or "female_01."

List of Official Player Model Packs (Put together by Keychain and Maestro Fénix, models put into OC by W0rf0x, Sonic, Masa0x, Mesark, Keychain, Fighter, Maestro Fénix and much more)

Note: There are many more individual releases that you can find by searching through the Model Releases Section of the Official Obsidian Conflict Forums.