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教程由Fear Factory编写.原文地址在此:




2.在地图的任意位置放置一个npc_combine_s.并且勾选"Template NPC" 和 "Waiting To Rappel?" NPC名称设置为 "rappeler1".

3. Place an npc_template_maker where you want your soldier to spawn at. Name it rappeler1maker and have "Name of Template NPC" rappeler1.

4. Now its time to make them rappel. Make a box with the trigger texture in tools where you want them to cross in order to make the combine rappel. Do ctrl+t and select trigger_once with a name of Trigger1.


5. Now go to the outputs tab and add in all this.


6. We have them spawn now when they pass that trigger but they wont rappel?! Add this to the npc_template_maker's outputs.


Compile and your done :] Hope this helped some of the newer mappers.