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Language: [[::Obsidian Conflict Team|English]]  • [[::Obsidian Conflict Team/es|español]] • [[::Obsidian Conflict Team/zh-hans|中文(简体)‎]]


Shana - Mod Leader


Neico - Lead Coder

TESLA-X4 - Coder

Z33ky - Coder

Siosphere - Coder


Tysn - Lead Mapper

Shana - Mapper

Xenire - Mapper


Nirrti - Modeler

Shana - Modeler


Linkmister - Animator

siNister - Animator

2D Artists

Lt_Commander - 2D Artist


Note: These people aren't really apart of the Obsidian Conflict Team but deserve credit as well. If you wish to translate a language you speak well that isn't on this list, feel free to contact Neico.

English and German are already handled by members of the team.

Zteer - Japanese

Snowman7 - Japanese

JerC - French? (isn't set yet, but might be...)

Content Contributers

Note: People that have given content and effort into the mod but aren't part of the Obsidian Conflict Team.

Romka - Modeler ( Various models including H.E.C.U. Grunts, Assassin, Gordon and Spas-12.)

Power-Mad - Mapper ( oc_starlight )

Hickadam - Mapper ( oc_evildead, oc_cannon )

Zteer - Mapper ( oc_umizuri, oc_damanku, oc_kake, coop_zelda)

Rob - Voiceactor (ep2_oc_broken_escape_02b/broken_escape_02c)

Ex Members

Skidz - Mod Leader & Coder

Hyperjag3 - Lead Coder

Barnz - Modeler

DaMaN - Mapper

Vesuvian - Mapper

MushrooMars - Modeler

Additional Notes

  • If someone seems to be missing from this list, feel free to ask Shana or Neico to have them add you.
  • If you want to talk about this page, it's design etc. feel free to use the Discussions Page