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About Me

Obsidian Conflict Player, Retired Halo2 Xbox Modder, overall computer modding and hardcore gamer. I also came up with the idea for the Ion Rifle and the RTV for Obsidian Conflict, both projects are under construction, links to them on the wiki will be added once they are done.

Ion Rifle


The RTV, also known as the Rebel Transport Vehicle is a nine passenger vehicle, used to transport rebels and supplies safely from one location to another.

Armed with a high caliber weapon and with the weapons of the passengers, this vehicle will safely transport anything you can fit in the bed, such as weapon crates and any other supplies.

The model is put together from vehicles and other props in HL2.


6 Passenger seats on the bed(player weapon enabled)
1 Passenger seat in the Cab(player weapon enabled)

Through reversed engineering of combine tech, the rebels were able to create a powerful weapon they call the Ion Rifle.

The weapon has two firing modes, first is a less powerful but is used in 3 round bursts, the secondary fire charges the weapon's super-capacitors and fires all the weapon's energy at once, though this requires a full battery.

The weapon is powered by modified combine batteries.
Primary fire: 24 Rounds (8: 3 round bursts)
Secondary fire: 1 Round


Limited Ammo
If rounds are fired to fast the weapon becomes less accurate


Laser Sighted

When charged will take down any zombie or soldier with one shot, anything that it doesn't kill will be heavily damaged and lit of fire.

Also, I am not sure on the amounts of damage or recoil the weapon will have, we will have to do some testing to get all of it right.

Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts? Post them in my Talk page orthe topic at the Obsidian Conflict Forum!

Contact Me

AIM: Gjsdeath
Yahoo: Request only.

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