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Maestro Fénix

About Me

My alias is Maestro Fénix. I chose colaborate with the mod, so i´m here.

I have knowledge of Server Management, mapping, modeling, texturing, sound edit and creating particles, so in case of an emergency i can act immediately.

Current projects


cs_siege_pcs_oc //Released:

Project "Back"

oc_nacht_der_untoten (old Proyect "Zombie")


Creating some props for Projeck "Back".

On stand-by

Project Valkyrie

The Rebirth of HL:S

Contact Me

OC forums profile:


Only under important cases, request it.

Steam Profile:

To do here in the wiki

Expand more about the Scripted Weapons

Rewrite the article about Custom Ammo

Fill and expand the information about the exclusive OC entities