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Obsidian Conflict is a Half-Life² Co-op Mod which means the players work together to complete a common goal. Some maps require puzzle solving with other players, some maps require teamwork to put down the enemy AI. Check out the Obsidian Conflict Website for more information on the mods features.



Obsidian Conflict SDK

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Server Operation Tips and tricks on operating an Obsidian Conflict dedicated server.
Mapping Tutorials There are many extra features built into Obsidian to take advantage of while mapping. Check them out here.
Obsidian Entities There a few custom entities that are only available in Obsidian. Here is a list of them.
Obsidian Maps There a some custom maps that may have a non default gameplay. Heres a list of them.
Miscellaneous Tutorials Miscellaneous Tutorials for Source Engine modding.