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As a Bug does count: Bugs, Glitches, Exploits and probably some more specific ones... Template:ToDo


If you in the other hand crash for whatever reason, try to remember where the crash happend and go into your Source SDK Base 2007 folder

(if your Steam folder for example is in C:\\Program Files\Steam is the path this one: C:\\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\<your Steam Account Name*>\source sdk base 2007\)

and get the mdmp file that was made at the time the crash happend.

(you can send all of them but they are most likly not helpful since other Orangebox based Mods might have mdmp files there too)

* The one you use to login into Steam and not the SteamFriends one

How to Report those?

If you find or notice one of these, Report them on the Bugtracker.

Alternativly can you try to contact an Obsidian Conflict Team Member, but be aware that you might get ignored by them if it is some kind of crap (or you write crappy) or has been already reported.

(just make sure that the report doesn't exist in the Bugtracker yet and you're good to go)