Coop Teleporter Without Getting Stuck

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What is needed?

  • Knowledge of Hammer Tools.
  • Knowledge of working with Entities.
  • A room to teleport from.(here: RoomOne)
  • A room to teleport to.(here: RoomTwo)


Hi Community, I'm Gandorques Hikla a experienced Mapper (especially Technical) since Half-Life 1. I love this Mod, but on the most maps with teleporters you can get stuck in other players easily, even if there's a trigger_push to push the players out of the teleport destination area, here's a Tutorial for a easy way to prevent this.

Hammering it into your map

Step One - Brushwork

Move to RoomOne, this is where we start. Create a teleporter-like brush there which allows exactly one player to move in/on it(between 32x32 and 64x64).
Add a teleporting zone at floor level of the teleporter-like brush you made.
Now move to RoomTwo, this is where the exit is located. Make another teleporter-like brush, same rules as above apply.
This time put a point_teleport_destination to where the player should teleport to. Add a trigger_multiple around the teleporter-like brush(so that it at least covers the player when he got teleported and cant jump upwards out of it.

Step Two - Entitywork

Link/Connect the point_teleport_destination with the teleporter, then add an output to the trigger_multiple, which triggers OnStartTouch and disables the teleporter. Add another output which triggers OnEndTouchAll that reenables the teleporter.
That was it.

Step Three - Test!

If you've done everything right, you should now have one coop teleporter that allows you to spawn without getting stuck.
Have fun!

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