De chateau

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De chateau.jpg

Map Info

Mapadd Name de_chateau
Author Fug4life
Genre Linear/Combat
Suggested Players 2-16
Starting Weapons: weapon_crowbar


You've arrived at a chateau situated around 65km from Black Mesa, Odessa will tell you more.

Primary Objective:

Destroy the hives!

Weapons from Rebel Odessa

  • item_healthkit
  • item_battery
  • weapon_pistol
  • item_ammo_pistol
  • item_ammo_smg1
  • item_box_buckshot
  • item_ammo_smg1_grenade
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_slam
  • weapon_crossbow
  • item_ammo_crossbow
  • weapon_357
  • item_ammo_357

Weapons on ground

  • custom_mac10
  • custom_usp
  • custom_ump
  • custom_m4new
  • custom_awp
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • custom_sg550
  • custom_p228
  • custom_tmp


  • npc_citizen (Rebel Odessa)
  • npc_houndeye
  • npc_bullsquid
  • npc_zombie
  • npc_fastzombie
  • npc_poisonzombie
  • npc_barnacle <which are the hives you need to destroy>
  • npc_headcrab
  • npc_headcrab_black
  • npc_headcrab_fast
  • npc_gman
  • npc_eli <possibly Dr. West>


  • The Zombies with no Headcrabs on there heads, if you shoot them, they'll go on fire, and turn into a fastzombie, so be careful with these tricky guys.
  • If you turn on the radio on the fire place, a scene will begin.