Invalid Steam ID Ticket

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If you get constantly kicked with the "Disconnect: Invalid STEAM UserID Ticket" message, shut down Steam, go to your Steam folder, delete the file "ClientRegistry.blob" and start up Steam again.

Update 25.11.2011: Recently we are getting a lot of reports of people unable to join Sourcemods (including OC) due to that error even after deleting the .blob file, if that's the case for you, do the following:

Shut down Steam, head to your Steam folder and delete everything except:


"Steamapps" Folder (which contains your games so you won't have to download them again.)

[Optional to delete / Backup] "Userdata" folder (Contains your screenshots and save games, sometimes this folder needs to be deleted too, in that case do a backup of it first if there's any save games you don't want to lose.)

And start up Steam again.