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Entity.png This Page contains informations about an Obsidian Conflict Entity, which means it is only availible for Obsidian Conflict or rather in that form it is explained.

logic_player_branch is for testing player counts. On Test, compares the value to the current player count. Returns true if the player count is equal to or larger than the value. If 'Strict Equal To' is set to true, will only output true if the value is exactly equal to the number of players.

All you need to do is set 'Test Value' to the number of players you want to check for. Then input 'Test' and it will output 'OnTrue' or 'OnFalse' depending if the player count is equal to or greater than your 'Test Value'. This is a great ent for testing player counts without using math counters and stuff. Press the Help button in the hammer ent properties for more information on this ent.