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WIP.png This page is still a Work In Progress

This is the Obsidian Conflict console command list. As you can see, this is under heavy W.I.P., so, if you know a console command that isn't here, write it down at the discussion page.

Command Default Cheat? Help Text
sv_allowocmapvote 1 Simple vote command for changing the level. Good if the map is stuck, etc... Vote is determined by a percentage console command (check if writing "votemap" at the chat works) (Broken).
mp_allowcrosshair 1 Enable/disable the crosshair (for those servers who wants to enforce the ironsights).
mp_allowironsights 1 Enable/disable ironsights.
mp_hl1crossbow 0 Enable/Disable HL:DM crossbow behaviour (on not using the scope, the darts will explode on contact with a surface).
mp_forcerespawn 1 Force players to spawn.
mp_playercollide 1 Enable/disable player collision.
mp_respawnwavetime 1 Time between respawns.
mp_teamplay 0 Enable/disable teamplay gameplay (two teams, red and blue. Blu players can kill red players and reverse).
mp_waitingforplayers_time 0 Time to wait for players on a new map.
mp_weaponstay 0 Keep weapons at the map when picked up. NOTE: Due a bug, if you enable this, you will not be able to pick more of a grenade/manhack/custom weapon (this last as a general).
sk_sniperlaser 1 Defines if the laser guide of the npc_sniper is visible or not.
sv_allowgaussjump 1 Enable/disable Gauss jumping (Tau Cannon).
sv_allownegativescore 1 Allows to have players with negative score.
sv_ep1searchpath 1 Searches the path of EP1 at the server to mount it. Needed before mount a map with EP1 content.
sv_ep2searchpath 1 Searches the path of EP2 at the server to mount it. Needed before mount a map with EP2 content.
sv_shieldstrength 50 Health of the shield (bugged).