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Obsidian SDK Installer is a tool created by shiftey, based off of W0f0xs' method and Obsidian SDK Setup, that sets up all the necessary folders and files in their correct directories to allow mapping for Obsidian Conflict to be much simpler. It will ask for your Steam ID and possibly your sourcesdk directory. (If it isn't the default directory set in this tool.) The setup tool will NOT ask you for your steam password. If it does, you may have recieved a hacked version and somebody is trying to steal your steam account.

The setup tool sets up Hammer for modding Obsidian Conflict and also allows you to set up game content from games such as Counterstrike: Source, Half Life: Source, or even Left 4 Dead. It does this in a way that is comparable to the mounting system in Obsidian Conflict itself. However, since Hammer cannot read from multiple gcfs, each additional gcf must be extracted. Unfortunately this takes up a huge amount of hard drive space, but it is the only way to be able to access additional content inside of Hammer.


Start up the tool. It's fairly straight forward from there. Enter your steam id and your steamapps directory path if it asks for it. Answer the questions and watch as it sets up content for you to map with. If you select yes to setting up episode two content, it will automatically set up episode one content. Episodes One and Two will not take up any additional hard drive space on your computer. After that, if you see any red errors, it means that you don't own the game you are requesting to setup. You must own any game that you wish to have access to for Obsidian mapping. If you want Left 4 Dead content, it is very important that you make sure you read below.

Left 4 Dead Content

Since Left 4 Dead isn't currently mountable in Obsidian Conflict, you must include any Left 4 Dead content in your map, with your map. To do this you will have to copy it from your sourcesdk\bin\orangebox folder to both your obsidian and obsidian sdk folders. When you distribute your map, you must remember to include this content or else others will see an error sign ingame. Soon a tool will be available that will scan your orangebox\left4dead folder and your map, and set up the necessary relationships to make it work. But until then you have to do it manually.

Custom Content

Most content, such as Episodic, Counterstrike: Source, and Day of Defeat: Source, can be mounted in Obsidian Conflict after you add it in your map with Hammer. This means that you will not have to mess with any files inside your obsidian folder, and neither will others who download your map. However, custom content and Left 4 Dead content cannot be mounted. When adding custom content, you must add it first to your Obsidian SDK directory to access it in Hammer, then again to your Obsidian folder for it to show up in-game. When mapping, keep in mind that everything custom that you see in hammer must be in your Obsidian SDK folder.

Once setup is complete, you should never have to edit any files in your sourcesdk\bin\orangebox folder. If you want to edit content in that folder, copy it to your obsidian sdk directory, edit it, then copy it to your obsidian folder.

For organization reasons, fellow mappers appreciate if you put all custom content that you use in a folder specific to your maps. For example, if you look in your obsidian folder you will notice that Tysn puts all of his custom content into the folder "Tysn". This specific folder should be the same amongst all the subfolders in your obsidian directory. This is how I set up my custom content:



If you have problems running your map straight after compiles try this:

1. Open Hammer and go to Tools > Options.

2. Look for the field entitled "Game Executable Directory" and change it to your Steam folder.

ex. "C:\Program Files\Steam"

3. Then go to the Build Programs tab and under Game Executable change it to Steam.exe.

ex. "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe"

4. When you select File > Run map.., a window should appear. Find "Additional game parameters" at the bottom of this window and copy/paste:

-gameidlaunch 218 -game 'SteamAppsDir\SourceMods\obsidian' -dev -console

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