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WIP.png This page is still a Work In Progress

Zombie Survival is a map by Gjsdeath(now known as just Gary). In this map you must look for supplies during the day and fight off zombies at night.


During resistance's biological warfare experiments, a virus was created that only affected headcrabs and causes them to burst into flames upon exposure to sunlight. After the creation of this virus the OverWatch shelled the lab which the experiments were being done in. Now the small town on the coast is filled with sunlight sensitive zombies, the towns former residents(the players) must now old off the waves of zombies during the night while using the protection of the sun during the day to look for supplies.

Gameplay Features

Zombie Survival includes a system for gathering supplies for things such as:

  • Food

Kill birds, Houndeyes, Bullsquids and other creatures to gain food for players. Your life depends on the amount

  • Power

Use fuel found around the town to power a generator. The generator powers many things, both offensive and defensive. Such as lights, weapons and traps.

  • Hide anywhere

You are encouraged to fight off zombies at the camp on the bridge. Though, you do not have to, you can stay in any of the buildings. Though, if you do this, it will be much harder to survive as any area besides the camp will be very poorly lit without the use of your flashlight or short-lived flares and are overall not easily defend-able.

  • Real Day-Night System

In past maps, if they had a day-night system, it was just fading the screen. But now thanks to KON_Air, we now can have a real day-night system.

Electrically Power Equipment

These are devices which can aid your survival during fight against zombies. These all use power from the generator, the more you use, the more fuel you use, for example: if you have everything running at once then you will quickly run out of power and loose all of your equipment including lights. This means you must communicate with your team and watch your resources.

  • Lights

The zombies will be easier to kill if you can see them. Your camp will be in the dark if you don't use the lights and you don't see the zombies until they are ripping you to shreds. The lights don't use that much power, so you don't have to worry about turning them off most of the time.

  • OverWatch Sniper Rifle

Though the battery was depleted when it is found by the players, it is able to be mounted and hooked to the generator. It uses power for every round, so be proficient with this and don't miss or your just be wasting time and energy.

  • OverWatch Automated Floor Turret

Like the sniper rifle, this turret is found with depleted power cells, but is able to be wired to the generator. Be careful when using this, as if left unattended it might end up sitting active doing nothing and wasting power.

  • Blender

Basically a electrical version of those spinning things found in HL2 that cut zombies in half.

  • High-powered UV Lamp AKA Zombie-Flame Thrower

Due to headcrab's ultra sensitivity to UV light, this lamp can be held by a player can when it shines it's UV light onto a zombie, it will just burst into flames. This light uses a moderate amount of power so use it only when needed. Also, don't worry about friendly fire(pun), the UV light only burst zombies into flames, anyone else will just get a little sunburn.


As of now this map is a Work in Progress, so pictures will be at the forum topic. Though pictures will be embedded once the release build is out. Vist forum Topic for Pictures


The map is currently under development and only in use by chosen Beta Testers.

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