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Oc broken escape.jpg

Map Info

Map Name ep1_oc_broken_escape_01, ep2_oc_broken_escape_02a, ep2_oc_broken_escape_02b, ep2_oc_broken_escape_02c
Author Shana
Genre Linear/Combat/Puzzle
Suggested Players 2-8


This long campaign starts off with the players having to escape city 17 on foot after their escape train had to stop.

As the map progresses, players will come across a huge combine underground base they have to discover.

This campaign is very fast-paced and follows classic co-op gameplay, which means endless player respawns and supplies. It is still required to cooperate with other players and keep them alive to not lose a tactical position or map progress.

Cooperation is also often required to progress in the map, like solving 2-player puzzles.