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Oc harvest.jpg

Map Info

Map Name oc_harvest
Author Tysn
Genre Funmap
Suggested Players 1-16


In this gamemode you have to build up a farm by growing plants and selling the fruits. At first you have to clean up the field and then buy seeds by collecting mushrooms in the forest and selling them in the city. A day/night cycle will kill any players that are caught outside the spa, hotel or farmhouse, there is also a cylce of light, rainy and rainbow days. In Rain days you dont have to drain water the first time, it is already done. In Rainbow days theres a posibility of founding a Golden pat in the forest. Freezing nights kill all your tomatoes and oranges plants

The map consists of 3 main areas and a dirt road conecting them. The areas are:

  • The Farm: This area contains the farmhouse,wich is a place to sleep at night, cook and store seeds; the pantry, in wich mushrooms, fruit and eggs can be kept; the barn, wich houses bullsquids, a container for bullsquid feed and a chute for selling their eggs; the field, where seeds can be planted and watered with buckets; 2 ponds which can be used to get water in buckets. The sun obelisk can be won in the casino, makes the freezing days stop, making it perfect to plant tomatos and oranges

Note: the farm can be occasionally invaded by antlions that destroy plants and harm players. The number of antlions grows with each farm upgrade.


  • The forest: Mushrooms grow in this area. It often contains one or more antlions. At the furthest corner of the Forrest, a spa can be found. The spa starts with it's doors closed, but players can purchase membership for 85 points. Inside, players can sleep or heal in the pool. There are also birds in the forest that can be killed and leave a chiken stick

Harvestpinkmushroom.jpg Harvestbrownmushroom.jpg Harvestgreenmushroom.jpg Harvestbird.jpg Harvestchikenstick.jpg

  • The Town: A small town with 7 main buildings, a town square and a few un-enter able houses. The buildings are (from first building on the right): The contractors (from where farm upgrades can be bought), the hotel (where players can sleep for 10 points a night), the gardening store (where seeds can be bought), the casino (where players can purchase a round of plinko for 50 points and win weapons, half the spent money back or a sun obelisk that prevents cold weather), the livestock store (where bullsquids and their feed can be bought), the hardware store (where a wide array of useful objects and props can be bought) and the pawnshop (where players can sell mushrooms and gin and also buy weapons to kill birds)

Harvestpawn.jpg Oc harvest0075.jpg Harvestcasino.jpg Harvestplinko.jpg Harvesthotelgarden.jpg Harvestfarmup.jpg

Buy able Things

  • Buildings:
    • Pantry (Used to store items, they dissapear if you dont store them) - 250$

Oc harvest0004.jpg

    • Barn (See barn production) - 400$

Oc harvest000213.jpg

    • Radio - 125$

Oc harvestradio.jpg

    • Troughs - 650$

Oc harvestthrough.jpg

    • Pond Netting - 90$

Oc harvestpond.jpg

    • Extractor (If you take the plant into it, the next day you will have another seed to plant) - 200$

Oc harvestexctractor.jpg

    • Kitchen - 850$

Oc harvestkitchen.jpg

    • ATM (Used to Store Money) - 100$

Oc harvestatm.jpg

    • Clock (It duplicates the day from 5 minutes to 10 minutes) - 325$

Oc harvestclock.jpg

    • Smokehouse (Production of jerky) - 750$

Oc harvestsmokehouse.jpg

    • Greenhouse - 750$

Oc harvestgreenhouse.jpg

    • Water Irigation (It drains water on all the plants of the farm) - 1000$

Oc harvestirig3.jpg Oc harvestirig2.jpg Oc harvestirig1.jpg

  • Farm Upgrade:
    • lvl2 - 150$
    • lvl3 - 500$
    • lvl4 - 1000$
  • Sleeping:
    • Hotel - 10$


    • Spa - 85$

Oc harvestspa.jpg

    • House - 350$

Oc harveshouse.jpg

  • Seeds:
    • Watermelon - 5$
    • Orange - 12$
    • Banana - 15$
    • Juniper - 13$
    • Tomato - 20$ (Requires Fertilizer)
    • Corn - 45$ (Requires Fertilizer)
  • Bullchicken:
    • Feed - 15$

Oc harvestfeed.jpg

    • BullChiken - 40$

Oc harvestbullchiken.jpg

  • Hardware:
    • Turret (Used to defend the farm from antlions) - 250$

Oc harvestturret.jpg

    • Cooking Book - 150$


    • Bathtub (Used to produce gin) - 325$

Oc harvestbathtub.jpg

    • Produce Teleporter - 950$


    • Cooler (You can store items here - 100$

Oc harvestcooler.jpg

    • Portable Harvest Bin - 550$

Oc harvestbin.jpg

    • Miniradio - 95$

Oc harvestminiradio.jpg

    • Water Reservoir (Infinite water portable) - 440$

Oc harvestreserv.jpg

    • Kettle - 35$

Oc harvestkettle.jpg

    • Frying Pan - 80$

Oc harvestpan.jpg

    • Cooking Pot - 115$

Oc harvestcookingpot.jpg

    • Large Cooking Pot - 140$

Oc harvestlarcookingpot.jpg

    • Bucket(Small) - 75$

Oc harvestcubi.jpg

    • Bucket(Big) - 200$

Oc harvescubi3.jpg

  • Decoration:
    • Globe - 65$
    • Breen Bust - 120$
    • Streetsign - 20$
    • Briefcase - 45$
    • Compact Disc - 15$
    • Locker - 80$
    • Cactus - 50$
    • Lamp - 15$
    • Kellog's Rasin Bran - 45$
    • Terracotta - 25$
    • HEV Charger - 115$
    • Ravenholm Sign - 100$
    • Paint Can - 30$
    • Lands of Lore III - 50$
    • Dr.Pubix - 30$
    • Pylon - 60$
    • Top Hat - 250$
    • Shoes - 40$
    • Newspaper - 35$
    • Butter - 20$
    • Hexen 64 - 45$
    • Skeleton - 3500$
    • Phone - 70$
    • Cups - 85$

Oc harvestitem1.jpg Oc harvestitem2.jpg Oc harvestitem3.jpg Oc harvestitem4.jpg Oc harvestitem5.jpg

  • Vehicles:
    • Airboat - 650$

Oc harvestboat.jpg

    • Jeep - 1000$

Oc harvestcar.jpg

Kitchen production

Along with the kitchen, players have the ability to cook and store food using the fruit they have grown or bullchicken eggs. The various recipes that can be cooked with each pot type are, somedays, the caterer will come (in the left side of the house, near the barn) in a truck where you place the food and he gives you money

Oc harvestkitchen.jpg Oc harvestcaterer.jpg

Receipes list

  • Kettle:
    • Tea - $5
      • Water
  • Frying Pan:
    • Stirfry - $15
      • Mushroom
    • Fried Eggs - $20
      • Egg
    • Crepes - $15
      • Orange
  • Cooking Pot:
    • Mushroom Soup - $20
      • Mushroom
      • Water
    • Banana Cream Pie - $45
      • Banana
      • Egg
    • Omelette - $60
      • Mushroom
      • Egg
  • Large Cooking Pot:
    • Fruit Drink - $60
      • Melon
      • Orange
      • Banana
    • Orange Soda - $20
      • Orange
      • Pop (Soda from city vending machine)
      • Water


First clear the field, the first day its full of rocks and woods, hit them with the crowbar and they will break

Oc harvestfarmdown.jpg

Once you bought a seed from the garden store (in the town), you have to take it to a clear field of your farm, and press the action key "e" on it, it will be planted, and all what you have to do is drain water on it each day with a bucket. When you get the vegetable, drop it in the harvest bin, the next day, you will find money on the table

Oc harvestplant1.jpg Oc harvestplant2.jpg

Bucket (1 use)


Bucket (3 uses, It can be bought in the Hardware Store)






Tomato And Corn Requires Fertilizer




Barn production

Once you have Bought the barn, all what you have to do is buy a bullchiken livestock in the town, then feed the bullchiken each day with a melon or chiken feed, If you dont feed then for one day, They will DIE. The next day, they will drop an egg that thrown in the bin next to the barn gives you 25$ the next day

Oc harvestlivestock.jpg

Harvestegg.jpg Oc harvestfeed.jpg

Production of jerky

Once you bought the smokehouse, you have to kill a bird, better buying a weapon in the pawnshop, when killed, it will drop a chiken stick , put the chiken stick in the recipes with orange or gin, the next day put the colored chiken stick into the smoker and turn on the button, if you put the chiken stick directly into the smoker it will give you less money, a jerky will appear the next day and selling in the pawnshop gives you in this list:

  • List
    • Chiken Stick: - 5$
    • Normal jerky: - 15$
    • Orange Jerky: - 105$
    • Gin Jerky: - Moar

Oc harvestsmoking.jpg Oc harvestmarinate.jpg Oc harvestjerky.jpg

Production of gin

Buy the bathtub and take it to your house, then drop 3 junipers inside and 1 bucket of water, the next day, will appear 2 bottles of gin

Oc harvestgin.jpg Oc harvestgin2.jpg Oc harvestgin3.jpg


There are special places on the map, where some secrets can be found




If you put the Tysn bones model (3500$) on this plate, you get a reward for all your work, get the worst scariest face you will ever see


The next day after a rainy day that has a rainbow you may find a pot of gold in the forest area like a mushroom Oc harvest0000.jpg