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Map Info

Map Name oc_kake
Author zteer
Genre Funmap/PVP
Suggested Players 1-16
Current Version l
Requirements: Half-Life 2


This map pits different groups of enemies in combat against each other, with the players able to bet on each side to win points.

NPCs competing


  • npc_headcrab X3
  • npc_headcrab_fast X3
  • npc_headcrab_black X3


  • npc_zombie X2
  • npc_fastzombie X2
  • npc_zombine X2
  • npc_poisonzombie X1


  • npc_houndeye X4


  • npc_bullsquid X3


  • npc_vortigaunt X3


  • npc_antlion X6


  • monster_alien_grunt X2


  • npc_antlionguard X1

Human Grunts

  • npc_hgrunt X6

(Weapons): weapon_smg1, weapon_shotgun, and weapon_ar2


  • monster_human_assassin X4


  • npc_metropolice: X6

(Weapons): weapon_pistol, weapon_smg1, and weapon_357


  • npc_combine_s (regualar/shotgunner) X0, X1, or X2
  • npc_combine_s (prisonguard/shotgunnerguard) X0, X1, or X2
  • npc_combine_s (elite) X2


  • npc_manhack X6


  • npc_cscanner X2
  • npc_defender X2


  • npc_hunter X2


  • npc_antlionworker X6


  • monster_gargantua X1


  • monster_bigmomma X1

Odessa Carriers

  • npc_manhack (reskinned to a flying odessa with a gun) X3

Dream Team

  • npc_alyx (with weapon_alygun) X1
  • npc_barney (with either weapon_smg1, weapon_shotgun, or weapon_ar2) X1
  • npc_monk (with weapon_annabelle)


  • npc_mortarsynth X2


  • npc_stalker X4

Red Team or Blue Team

Players can get into the arena, and join the duals with NPCs or the enemy player team. If you are red team, you have to go through the red door, NOT blue door. Same goes with the blue team, they have to go through the blue door. If only red team, or only blue team are able to go into the arena, then you are out of luck. Unless, see Trivia down below. Players will be equipped with weapon_crowbar, weapon_healer, weapon_pistol, weapon_357, weapon_smg1 (with one grenade), weapon_shotgun, and weapon_ar2, when the battle ends, the weapons get unequiped, and they respawn back at the audience bay.


  • If only one team is picked for a dual, and you want to join the battle then you can change teams. Go into console, and type either: jointeam 0 for spectate, jointeam 1 for blue team, or jointeam 2 for red team.
  • There is a way to get into the skybox. Once a battle ends, and you are in the arena with your team, then go inside your team's elevator spawning point, then duck while the elevator is going down, or you will get squished by the doors. Only one lucky player will be able to go into the skybox. Once you exit the skybox, by going behind the pyramid and finding a portal, then you will be equipped with a weapon_healer, item_shield, and item_cloak before you go back to the audience bay. With the Healer, you can throw Medkits down at the Arena for your team if you don't want to go down there. Also the Shield, and Cloak will come in handy for your next battle.
  • Kake is Japanese for Gamble