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Map Info

Map Name oc_lobby
Author Tysn
Genre Map Selection
Suggested Players 1-16


The default map in Obsidian Conflict. Throughout the map are breakable doors which lead to level changes to all of the maps in Obsidian Conflict.

Adding Maps to the Lobby

The following is taken directly from "oc_lobby_modify.txt" found in the "obsidian\maps\cfg" directory. This is the file that must be edited to add map selections to your server. By having this altered modify file, players will see the additional map choices only on your server.

//oc_lobby is a map selection level that server admins can use to let players choose what map they
//want to play. Players simply have to break down a particular map's door with their crowbar
//and run though the resulting hallway to select a map, a concept invented by zteer. More players 
//attacking a door will mean that door will get broken faster, so the map that the majority of the 
//players want to play will get picked.
//One half of the map contains doors for the half-life series, the other half contains custom maps
//which can be edited using this modify file for your own server. All half-life series games start
//enabled, but you can disable this for your server by deleting the line referencing a particular game.
//so if you want to disable half-life: source, you would go down to the TargetName bracket and find the
//line "logicauto"  {"OnTrigger" "Map_Toggle_HLS,Toggle, 0, -1"} and delete it. This will put a metal
//gate blocking the HL:S hallway so players cannot get to the doors for each chapter.
//For the custom map section of the level, each door is made up of a block of entities that are numbered
//all the way up to 112. To remove a map, simply go down to the Targetname section of this file and delete
//one of the blocks of text referencing entities of a particular number. To add a new map, you'll need to
//find an empty block and put several variables into specific spots:
//	    "Map_Message_[NUM]" {"message" "[MAP]"}
//	    "logicauto"	        {"OnTrigger" "Map_Toggle_[NUM],Toggle, 0, -1"}
//	    "Map_Trigger_[NUM]" {"OnStartTouch" "ServerCommand,Command,changelevel [MAP],5,-1"}
//	    "Map_Random_[NUM]"  {"OnTrigger" "ServerCommand,Command,changelevel [MAP],0,-1"}
//	    "Map_Door_[NUM]"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text,DisplayText,[MAP],0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_[NUM]"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text2,DisplayText,Author:[AUTHOR],0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_[NUM]"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text3,DisplayText,Genre:[GENRE],0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_[NUM]"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text4,DisplayText,Mounts:[MOUNTS],0,-1"}
//	    "Map_Decal_[NUM]"   {"texture" "[VTF]"}
//			[NUM] 	- The free door number you want to add the map to
//			[MAP] 	- The filename of the map you want to add
//			[AUTHOR]- Name of the map's creator
//			[GENRE] - A tag (or possibly a combination of tags) that describe the level's gameplay
//				  For consistency, please use the tags: Linear, Combat, Puzzle, Funmap, and PVP
//			[MOUNTS]- Games that need to be mounted for this map
//			[VTF]   - The image that will appear in the frame next to the door (64x64 area)
//				 (Note: Do not use any spaces when entering these variables)
//So for example, if we wanted to add the map "oc_mymap", a linear/combat map made by SomeGuy with no
//mounts needed, to door 56 and had the material "somedir/oc_mymap_image", the block of text would look like:
//          "Map_Message_56" {"message" "oc_mymap"}	
//	    "logicauto"	     {"OnTrigger" "Map_Toggle_56,Toggle, 0, -1"}
//	    "Map_Trigger_56" {"OnStartTouch" "ServerCommand,Command,changelevel oc_mymap,5,-1"}
//	    "Map_Random_56"  {"OnTrigger" "ServerCommand,Command,changelevel oc_mymap,0,-1"}
//	    "Map_Door_56"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text,DisplayText,oc_mymap,0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_56"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text2,DisplayText,Author:SomeGuy,0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_56"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text3,DisplayText,Genre:Linear/Combat,0,-1"} 
//	    "Map_Door_56"    {"OnHealthChanged" "text4,DisplayText,Mounts:None,0,-1"}
//	    "Map_Decal_56"   {"texture" "somedir/oc_mymap_image"}
//Once you are finished, copy this block of text between the brackets of the Targetname section of 
//this file.