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Earning money Money can be earned through:

  • Disposing of trash in the blue container or portable garbage can
  • Picking and selling pumpkins
  • Growing and selling fruit
  • Selling wood boards from chopped down trees
  • Completing the dungeon
  • Fishing
  • Hunting for headcrabs in the forest
  • Mining gold/diamonds
  • Delivering pizzas
  • Producing alcohol
  • Playing basketball at the jail

Where do I buy things?

  • Most things can be bought at the town. The pawnshop also houses a gun dealer.
  • Animals can be bought near the prison. A hotel can be found across the street from the prison to the right, and the dungeon is to the left.

Where do I sell things?

  • Behind the mill there is a buyer of various items.
  • Food can be sold at the truck that occasionally appears near the house.
  • Fish are sold at the cabin near the lake.

Why am I losing health?

  • You need food to heal you.
  • Buy a pizza and press E while looking at it to eat it. you automatically eat it while standing next to it.
  • Put cooked food on the wooden table in the kitchen and stay around to eat.

What is wood for?

  • First, you must use a weapon (crowbar is recommended) to hit a tree in the forest until it breaks. Tree trunks will fall to the ground. Put those trunks in the sawmill. After a while planks should come out the other side of the sawmill.
  • These planks are used for the construction of various structures like the stairs of the mine, the doghouse, the seed extractor, shelters etc.

Why do I see big red ERROR signs?

Can I make a kitchen? How?

  • It is sold at the store. Use the oven to purchase the kitchen itself and the cooking pans to cook more types of food.

Why am I in a prison, and how do I get out?

  • Being outside the hotel, shelter, dungeon or house at night will take you to the jail.
  • To escape it must pay a bail of 40 score. But your friends can break you out throught the exposed concrete wall in the courtyard with explosives.

How do I fish or hunt?

  • For fishing you must buy a fishing rod and bait available near the lake.
  • For hunting you have to buy bait and and place it at certain points in the forest to catch headcrabs.


  • Build stairs with planks then break the rock walls. When you see gold/diamonds, Hit the rock around the mineral to obtain the the mineral. Hitting the mineral itself will not do anything.

I know it will be dark, can I protect myself?

  • If the screen gets darker, it's getting late. It can be earlier indicated by hearing a howling wolf.
  • Take shelter in the house, build shelters or pay the hotel in the town.

Where do I stock my production?

  • In the pantry which is located near the field. It preserves all fruit, wheat and flour but not food.
  • Refrigerators hold food.
  • The bottom of the pizzeria.
  • The wooden boxes.
  • Planks and tree trunks can be stored in the large box adjecent to the sawmill.

What is the dungeon?

  • The dungeon is a place to kill monsters and a tough alien grunt to retrieve a reward.
  • You can put objects in the teleporter to defend yourself.
  • You will not go to jail while in the dungeon.

How do I take an object, or steal it?

Using the gravity gun or pressing "E" (+USE).

I have lost something, how do I find it?

Two combine button marked "locator" helps you find important objects. The first lies on a beam of the house's balcony. The second is located at the entrance of the hotel.