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Oc stitches.jpg

Map Info

Map Name oc_stitches_1, oc_stitches_2
Author Tysn
Genre Linear/Combat/Puzzle
Suggested Players 2-8
Starting Weapons: weapon_crowbar
Requirement Games: Half-Life 2


Travel through many strange environments to complete one obscure objective: kill the lieutenant.

Weapons / Items

  • item_healthkit
  • item_battery
  • weapon_crowbar
  • weapon_pistol
  • weapon_healer
  • weapon_357
  • item_ammo_357
  • weapon_manhack
  • weapon_shotgun
  • item_box_buckshot
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_alyxgun
  • weapon_smg1
  • item_ammo_smg1
  • weapon_ar2
  • item_ammo_a2
  • weapon_shotgun
  • item_box_buckshot

All the others on bottom can only be bought at shop in the beginning of part 2

  • weapon_crossbow
  • item_ammo_crossbow
  • weapon_rpg
  • item_rpg_round
  • weapon_sniperrifle
  • item_box_sniper_rounds
  • item_ammo_smg1_grenade
  • item_ammo_ar2_altfire
  • weapon_slam

NPCs (part 1)

  • npc_zombie
  • npc_headcrab
  • npc_fastzombie
  • npc_headcrab_fast
  • npc_headcrab_black
  • npc_poisonzombie

NPCs (part 2)

  • npc_zombie
  • npc_headcrab
  • npc_ichthyosaur
  • npc_metropolice
  • npc_manhack
  • npc_combine_s <regular>
  • npc_turret_floor
  • npc_combine_s <elite> (Lieutenant's Guard)
  • npc_combine_s <prison> (Lieutenant)

Puzzles (part 1)

  • Flooded Area: Still the beginning, and already it's tough. Don't go into the water when the lights are on, because it is electric. Turning on, or off the lights, changes will happen to the room. You need to keep trying your best until you reach a switch to open a door to the next area.
  • Opening an Ancient door: Find vases with symbols around, and match them with the symbols on the things that'll hold them. Look all around, because there are secrets areas that hold the vases. If a vase doesn't have a symbol, find a symbol around, and and put both of them at the machine that Combines objects. Activate it, and it'll automatically, but them together. Once all the vases are in place, the door will open, and then the next level starts.

Puzzles (part 2)

  • Getting to a locked area: This is really tough, and it requires some player talking to get through this. Somebody has to use a thing to get to an area that has a locked gate, and is a way to get to the next area. Somebody has to use controls as well, because certain objects are in the way, and it requires those switches to move them. Once once moves out of the way, another will block another way. You'll be fine as long as you know what you are doing, and avoiding the Ichthyosaur infested waters.
  • Getting into the Lieutenant's office: This one should be the easiest puzzle. It's just like looking for vases to open the an ancient door. Find Combine panels around the Bunker, and take them to the area near the door to the office. Make sure the edges on the end match the edges where they are suppose to go. Once your done, the door will open.
  • Killing the Lieutenant: Time to meet your primary objective, killing the Lieutenant. Be very careful. Once he sees you, Turrets will appear out of nowhere, and begin firing, Manhacks as well. Kill the Manhacks, and flip Turrets first. Then kill the Guards, and the Lieutenant himself / herself. Once they are dead, take the documents, and RUN before the base blows up. Leave nobody behind so don't use the elevator unless you have no choice. Make sure the documents are with you before you leave.


  • Note that the explosive barrel in the wood crate outside of the bunker respawns there when it is destroyed.