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WIP.png This page is still a Work In Progress


//Main Dedicated Server Configuration File - server.cfg
log							on					//Enable Logging
sv_log_onefile						"0"					//Log everything into one file? (Does not seem to change a thing.)
sv_rcon_log						"1"					//Log rcon commands?
sv_logbans						"1"					//Log bans?
sv_logblocks						"1"					//Log connection blocks?
sv_logdownloadlist					"1"					//Log download lists?
sv_logecho						"1"					//Log echo commands?
sv_logfile						"1"					//Log ...
sv_logflush						"1"					//Write all Log-Entries directly to file?

//Speed Configuration
fps_max							"300"					//Maximum fps allowed. Keep this at thrice of your tickrate to ensure good speed and cpu usage
host_framerate						"0"					//Emulated Framerate the Server should use. Changing this makes the Server either think it's too fast(FPS > host_framerate) or too slow(FPS < host_framerate). Both cases will cause horrible lag

ip							"localhost"				//The IP you are hosting the server on.
port							"27015"					//The Port you are hosting the server on.
rcon_password						""					//Rcon Password that you want to use. Leave empty to disable.

net_compresspackets					"1"					//Should the Game Compress Packets?
net_compresspacket_minsize				"64"					//At what size should we start compressing them? (note: Too low value can cause bigger Packets)
net_compressvoice					"1"					//Compress Voice? (note: Sadly, this is 360 only. Would be useful on Unix/Linux Servers)
net_maxcleartime					"4"					//How many seconds can Source wait for the next Packets to be sent? (note: Higher values can increase Ping)
net_maxfilesize						"2"					//Until what size should Spray Images be uploaded? (note: sv_allowupload 0 disables uploads)
net_maxfragments					"1260"					//Haven't found a use for this yet.
net_maxroutable						"1260"					//See above.
net_queued_packet_thread				"1"					//Leave this at 1 or it will Lag horribly when theres more than 3 players.
net_splitpacket_maxrate					"32767"					//Maximum Bytes/Second until splitting packets.
net_splitrate						"1024"					//How many fragments of the Packet should be created?

//Multiplayer Settings
mp_allowcrosshair					"1"					//Allow Crosshair.
mp_allowironsights					"1"					//Allow Ironsights.
mp_allowspectators					"1"					//Allow Spectators.
mp_allowsprint						"1"					//Allow Sprinting.
mp_autocrosshair					"1"					//Automatically update Crosshair.
//mp_bunnyhop						"2"					//"Bunnyhop mode. 0 = off, 1 = ep2 style (max speed enforced), 2 = unlimited hop speed."
mp_chattime						"1"					//Amount of time your Players are allowed to Chat after Game Over is triggered.
mp_fadetoblack						"0"					//Fade Players view to black on death.
//mp_falldamage						"1"					//0 = 10 Damage, 1 = Realistic, 2 = Disable
mp_flashlight						"1"					//Allow Flashlight
mp_footsteps						"1"					//Leave Footsteps and sounds.
mp_forcecamera						"2"					//Haven't found a use for this yet. Same Settings as in CS:S?
//mp_forcerespawn					"0"					//Force players to spawn?
mp_friendlyfire						"0"					//Friendly Fire?
mp_mapvotepercentage					"51"					//Percentage needed for mapvote to succeed
//mp_playercollide					"1"					//Do Players collide with each other?
mp_respawnwavetime					"10"					//Time between respawns.
mp_teams_unbalance_limit				"1"					//Maximum Playercount a team can have over another.
//mp_timelimit						"45"					//Map Timelimit
mp_waitingforplayers_time				"0"					//Time to wait for players on a new map
mp_weaponstay						"0"					//Keep weapons alive even when picked up? (note: This prevents gaining ammo from weapons for some reason.)

//Server Settings
sv_allow_color_correction				"1"					//Allow or disallow clients to use color correction on this server.
sv_allow_voice_from_file				"0"					//Allow or disallow clients from using voice_inputfromfile on this server.
sv_allow_wait_command					"0"					//Allow or disallow the wait command on clients connected to this server.
sv_allowdownload					"1"					//Allow clients to download using the Server if FastDL file isnt present?
sv_allowgaussjump					"1"					//Allow gauss jump
sv_allownegativescore					"1"					//Allow a players score to drop below zero?
sv_allowocmapvote					"0"					//Allow Obsidian Conflict Map Vote?
sv_allowupload						"1"					//Allow clients to upload Sprays and other things?
sv_alltalk						"0"					//Players can hear everyone, no matter what team?
sv_autojump						"0"					//Automatically jump?
sv_autoladderdismount					"1"					//Automatically dismount from ladders when you reach the end (don't have to +USE)?
sv_autosave						"1"					//Autosave Gamestate to temporary file? (note: doesn't seem to have effect on gameplay)
sv_cacheencodedents					"1"					//Optimize encode Table?
sv_changeleveldelay					"1"					//Seconds until a trigger_changelevel can be used.
sv_cheats						"0"					//Allow cheats?
sv_client_cmdrate_difference				"1"					//cl_cmdrate is moved to within sv_client_cmdrate_difference units of cl_updaterate before it is clamped between sv_mincmdrate an
sv_client_max_interp_ratio				"5"					//This can be used to limit the value of cl_interp_ratio for connected clients (only while they are connected).
sv_client_min_interp_ratio				"1"					//This can be used to limit the value of cl_interp_ratio for connected clients (only while they are connected).
sv_consistency						"1"					//Force the Server and Client to always reload the original file(Server: file in /obsidian/ Client: file in GCF) when its marked as critical?
sv_contact						""			//Who a Client should contact on errors or bans. Rarely anyone reads this anyway, but Server Trackers do.
sv_downloadurl						""					//Your FastDL adress, something like:
sv_forcepreloadall					"1"					//Force Server and Client to preload all Map Data? (Note: Can stabilize lag on slow Servers but increase load times)
sv_lan							"0"					//Lan or not Lan, that is the question...
sv_pure							"1"					//Should this Server use Whitelisting on content changes?
sv_pure_kick_clients					"1"					//Kick Clients with modified content that is not on whitelist?
sv_tags							"TAGSHERE"				//Your Server Tags.
sv_visiblemaxplayers					"-1"					//Visible Player Slots, hidden ones can only be accessed by using 'connect'.

//Voice Affecting Settings
voice_enable						"1"					//Enable Voice Chat
voice_forcemicrecord					"1"					//Force Microphone recording
sv_allow_voice_from_file				"0"					//Allow Clients to use voice_inputfromfile?
//voice_writevoices					"1"					//Save voicedata from Clients into files? (Note: crashes here)

//Client Affecting Settings
rate							"32767"					//How many bytes the Server has avaible for upstream
sv_maxcmdrate						"100"					//Maximum of command packets allowed from client per Tick
sv_mincmdrate						"20"					//Minimum of command packets that must be sent by a client per Tick, or he/she gets dropped.
sv_client_cmdrate_difference				"80"					//Difference between Servers cmdrate(sv_maxcmdrate) and Clients cmdrate(cl_cmdrate) that is allowed.
sv_maxupdaterate					"100"					//Maximum of update packets a client can request per Tick
sv_minupdaterate					"20"					//Minimum of update packets to be sent to a client without request per Tick.
sv_maxrate						"32767"					//Maximum bytes/sec a client is allowed to upload
sv_minrate						"5120"					//Minimum bytes/sec a client is allowed to upload
motdfile						""					//File to use for MoTD data which will be sent to client.
motdurl							""		//URL to file for MoTD data. Only URL is sent to client.

//master server browser fix
sv_master_legacy_mode 0 // Disable lagacy mode, since steam master servers won't support it anymore.
heartbeat // Send heartbeat that this server is ready. Should be the last line of the config.

The Configuration itself


You know what this does, don't you?
Every option is explained with a comment if you don't know what this does.

Speed Configuration

This is basically how fast your server should run.
fps_max defines the maximum FPS your server can reach, it's best at thrice of your -tickrate setting(-tickrate 100 -> fps_max 300).
host_framerate is experimental and in most cases causes distability and lag. Best is to keep it at 0


This one is easy. You have to set your external IP into the cvar 'ip'. The Port you are hosting on goes into the cvar 'port' and your remote control password goes into the cvar 'rcon_password'.
Bam, you're done with this part.


This one is trickier, as one wrong setting can result in extreme lag.
Best bet is to keep compression on, except if your server's machine is very slow.
Queued Packet Thread is used to not send packets instantly, but every now and then(mostly every Frame/Tick).
Split Packet/Rate is used to determine when a Packet should be split and how many Packets are the maximum for a split. Packets that split into more than net_splitrate are dropped. It's best to keep them at these Values, unless your Server does not have 32kbit upstream avaible.

Server Settings

I'm not going into detail on these, look at the comments I put next to the commands.

Voice Affecting Settings

These are cvars that affect Voice chat(Cpt. Obvious).

Client Affecting Settings


Continuing this very soon. -Michael Dirks- 20:03, 07.03.2010 (UTC)