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Map Info

Map Name cs_siege_pcs_oc
Author Rickets007(original creator)/Maestro Fénix(OC version)
Genre Linear/Combat
Suggested Players 2-8


The map is a remake of the Counter-Strike 1.x map cs_siege but with several additions. Rickets007 wanted to keep the feel of this map as close to the original cs_siege as possible. He kept the same layout as in the original map but added to the inner complex almost doubling its size. Furthermore, he reworked the sewer system to be less linear and included two additional access points.

Started as a mapAdd experiment, finally it ended as a map. After get his permission, i modified lightly the map, removing the hostages and other elements that doesnt work in Obsidian Conflict, and added entities to make the "mission". I optimized as i can the map with the new elements, and the test shows that the number of FPS are good (60 the lowest, 230 the highest). The files (map+custom content), with the bz2 compressor, have the size of 34mb (more or less). The total size decompressed is around 120mb.

The minimum number of players are two, and the maximum eight.


  • 5 new weapons.
  • A multi passenger armored vehicle.
  • Custom props.
  • A new model of a enemy.
  • Waiting Room (no more people rushing just when they end load the map. With this, the people will have 1 minute to load the map, allowing play it just in the beginning).
  • Half-Life visual/gameplay style.


  • You will need at least 2 players in order to can play this map. Is necessary for activate the dual buttons.
  • The vehicle is fast, so use the brake to turn to left or right properly.
  • Make sure that there are space when you are going to left the vehicle. You can get stuck in walls/ceiling (dont left the vehicle in the tight "tunnels" of the garage, and watch out with the ducts of the ceiling).


  • Rickets007: Original map creator
  • Maestro Fénix: OC version creator
  • Brigadierwolf
  • Kimono
  • Wannabe
  • Mantuna
  • Scorpion!!!
  • Elions
  • Teh Snake
  • Frere D´Arme
  • Antonidos
  • Romka
  • Provenance mod
  • Z33ky for the scientist voice

Special Thanks to

  • VALVe
  • Gearbox
  • The OC community