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Oc wildfire.jpg

Map Info

Map Name oc_wildfire
Author Tysn
Genre Linear/Combat/Puzzle
Suggested Players 2-8
Starting Weapons: weapon_crowbar
Requirement Games: Half-Life 2


After being stranded due to the APC's engine failure, your squad must make their way back to the rebel encampment. Map features a wide variety of teamwork puzzles and combat scenarios.

Weapons around Antlion area

  • custom_oicw
  • custom_g36
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_healer
  • custom_spaz12
  • weapon_357
  • weapon_shotgun

Weapons bought by Merchant at first rebel base

  • weapon_pistol
  • item_ammo_pistol
  • item_healthkit
  • item_battery
  • item_ammo_357
  • weapon_357
  • weapon_ar2
  • item_ammo_ar2
  • item_ammo_smg1_grenade
  • item_ammo_ar2_altfire
  • weapon_shotgun
  • item_box_buckshot
  • weapon_healer
  • weapon_uzi
  • weapon_alyxgun
  • item_box_alyxrounds
  • weapon_crossbow
  • item_ammo_crossbow
  • weapon_sniperrifle
  • item_box_sniper_rounds
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_slam

Weapons along the way to the dock

  • weapon_smg1
  • weapon_shotgun
  • weapon_ar2
  • weapon_frag
  • weapon_rpg

Weapons from Merchant at Dock

  • weapon_rpg
  • item_rpg_round
  • weapon_healer
  • item_ammo_smg1
  • item_healthkit
  • item_battery
  • weapon_frag
  • Defense Panels for boat
  • Radio that plays the song "Love Boat".


  • npc_antlion
  • npc_manhack
  • npc_citizen <rebel>
  • npc_rollermine
  • npc_combine_s <soldier, shotgunner, and Elite>
  • npc_combine_s <prison guard> (Combine Machinegunnner)
  • combine_mine
  • Combine APC
  • monster_human_assassin
  • npc_hunter
  • Leeches
  • npc_combiengunship
  • npc_strider


  • Getting to the other side of the pit in tunnel: Some players must use switches, and some players have to use carts. You'll know what to do.
  • Opening Rebel outpost door: There are two buttons, and two players must press both buttons at the same time. Noclip can work if you are fast enough on singleplayer.
  • Getting the ramp down: There is a ramp somewhere where you fight the first APC. You have to go up a ladder, and use a lever to put the ramp down.
  • Gaining access to bridge: This one is tough, unlike in Oc courier. Players must cross planks, and ledges, to get to a valve. Another player must go on an elevator that the valve controls, and try to get to the lever. Then after that, there is a shortcut back to the area with the forcefield. Remember, one plank will break when you step on it, so be careful. Also the water is FULL of Leeches, avoid the water if you can. And one more thing, when you get off the elevator, and head towards the lever, go fast, because there is a Turret that only a player up above can flip over.


  • There is a hidden Shotgun near where you find the bomb for the tunnel. It's at the lower hill area, and through an opening. Also down there you could find a bit of loot.
  • There is a hidden SPAZ-12, and some loot hidden at the first Rebel area. Go outside, and turn left, then left, and see at the right side of the house there is a metal panel, remove it with the Gravity Gun, and you'll see a vent. The SPAZ-12, and loot is inside the duct somewhere.